I work on both sides of the camera.

That's what makes me different and that's what I offer my clients.



Hi there! I'm Tifani you must be wondering what I mean by that statement above!

I started modeling and acting over 15 years ago and in that time I've learned what the camera does and doesn't like both in me and in others. The life of a starving artist is a tough one but I couldn't give up my love of the camera so I decided to pick it up in 2014 and learn everything I could. Since then I have fallen deeply and madly in love with the process of capturing the realness of the world with maybe a touch of whimsy .. because we all need some whimsy!

I focus on creating actor portfolios and portrait work that captures everyone's unique character. I make my actors and models comfortable. I dive deep into what they need and want out of their old and new portfolio to give them the most marketability while still showing their individuality. Fit the spec, don't be the spec! 

Also, I've been blessed to start wedding and bridal photography. The wedding and bridal industry is a touch one but the stress of a wedding is just like a day on set, plus I get to make you look cinematic and capture those details that might pass you by on the big day. 

I also love to show the beauty of women through boudoir photography. I think there is a fierce femininity in all of us, and sometimes we need help to bring that out of us. Whether for a woman herself or her partner, having a boudoir session can teach a woman more about herself than any mirror or partner. 


Tifani Winkfield

Cincinnati, Ohio

IMDB ACCOUNT    <<--- actors site, incase you need proof ;) 


Headshot above taken by KDalton Photography